Infertility and marriage

Children have always been a dream of mine. Until recently, I always thought that getting pregnant was easy. Heck girls in high school are doing, so it must be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong.
My husband and I have suffered three miscarriages on our way to becoming parents. Nothing has tested our marriage like those three miscarriages. Below are 5 lessons/points that helped us fight those storms.

1.) Support each other – You are going through this together. You are not alone. Lean on each other when you are sad.

2.) Talk about it – The biggest struggle that I had was opening up to my husband. Once I was able to put the words together and discuss it with him, I learned that he was feeling the same way. Talking is golden in these situations. This way you are not bottling everything up.

3.) Always remember that you love each other– It may seem so simple but msometimes it was tough to comprehend.

4.) Trust that a baby will happen – There are so many ways for someone to get pregnant or to have kids that you must trust something will happen.

5.) It’s okay to be emotional – This is a very emotional time and its okay to let that emotion out. There are moments where you feel perfectly fine and then the next minute you are in a depressed mood. It is all completely normal to feel this way.

Hope this gave you some insight into marriage and dealing with miscarriages. 

Until next time 


When my due date approached.

Today should have been my due date. We should be in the hospital, waiting for our little one to arrive. Instead, I woke up, took a shower and headed to work. My world became so different back in September. 

When the doctor told me I miscarriages again, I was depressed. I could hardly talk to anyone without tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I was struggling with the what-ifs. Over some time, it got easier to accept the harsh reality and slowly move on. But in my heart, I knew that March 21st would be my toughest day yet. 

If you had told me in September, that I would be okay and able to make it through this day, I would have laughed. Strangely enough, I have made it through today with every little meltdowns. It hasn’t been an easy feat but I’m surviving. 

Instead of bringing a new life into this world today, I’m bringing home the bacon. Instead of cuddling with a baby, I’m cuddling with my puppy. Instead of becoming a family of three, I’m spending the evening with my husband. 

Somehow, I’m surviving today. Just like I will every day. 

All my love,





Book Spotlight || Debt by Rachel Dunning

Displaying book-cover-debt-rachel-dunning.jpgDisplaying book-cover-debt-rachel-dunning.jpg

Book Information:
Title: Debt
Author: Rachel Dunning
Published Date: March 2016
Genres: New-Adult Romance/ Sports Romance

Book Description:
The Debt Collector
I pay my debts, and I expect others to.
I was raised in the slums of London, I knew nothing of privilege. My father was murdered when I was
seventeen. Morty figured my father’s passing meant I would automatically take on dad’s debts. I
And I paid for that refusal.
So did my sister.
So now I fight. All I know how to do is fight. The best cash is in the states, so that’s where I am now.
A big fish called Vito came along offering me a “favor” when I arrived.
Another debt.
I paid for that one too.
I knew Kyla Hensley would be trouble when I met her. But I wanted her. I could see through the
falsehood of her wannabe-slutty clothes and her sexy legs. So I chased her.
Besides, trouble is my middle name.
Kyla Hensley
I was brought up in privilege, but I lacked everything else. My father is a business tycoon who buys
and sells and doesn’t care who gets rolled over in the process.
I never knew my mother, and all I have of her is a photo with a note scrawled on the back in French
saying “I’m sorry.” The only Female Figure I had growing up is my dad’s wife who is a bleach blond
with seven boob jobs. We never bonded.
I drink. I party. I meet guys.
But I wasn’t always like that.
I’ve had a string of lovers in the last few years, the worst and most recent of which was Vince
Somerset. My best friend Vera was dating a guy called Rory Cansoom who is the opposite of Vince in
so many ways, and yet so the same.
She and I hit the road for the summer, getting away from the two college psychos and just trying to
have some fun.
But there’s a funny thing about trouble, the more you run from it, the more it finds you.
Which is when I met the Debt Collector.
It was only supposed to be sex. He made that clear. I made that clear.
That’s all it was supposed to be.
I never expected to fall in love. I never expected to fall so deeply, madly, uncomfortably in love with
a man who is wrong, so wrong for me.
And yet…so unbelievably right.
Content Warning
Not intended for readers under the age of seventeen.
Purchase Links

Amazon * SmashwordsBarnes and Noble * Goodreads

About the Author
Rachel Dunning hit the scene in August 2013 and is the author of the highly praised Naive Mistakes
Series, Truthful Lies Trilogy, Johnny Series and the paranormal romance series, Mind Games.
A prolific writer, she sticks to stories where Alpha Males aren’t pricks and where women have guts.
She’s lived on two different continents, speaks three different languages, and met the love of her life
on the internet. In other words, romance is in her blood.

Website * Facebook * Twitter

“Tell me for real,” I say. “Tell me what I didn’t guess about you.”
Logan doesn’t answer, and already I’m regretting the question. I know something
hurt him, but who am I to ask him about it so soon? I’m breaking my rule, I want to
know him, I want to know everything about him.
He shifts his arm so that my head is no longer resting on it, leans forward.
I did overstep it, but I don’t care. Maybe this is the last time I’ll ever see him again,
and I want to get everything I can out of it, not only the sex I’ll demand later.
He looks down at his feet, then at me.
He inhales a deep breath, and then he says something to me that will forever
change the way I think about the world. He tells me a story that puts my own life in
perspective, and makes me question what I’ve held dear, and what’s really important in
He tells me about how he lost his father. And his mother.
And why he fights.
And why he continues to fight. And what he really sees when he’s in that cage, the
hate, the fury, the pain.
By the end of it all, my world is shattered, the floor is shaking, I have no stability.
By the end of it, I know one thing, and I know it to my core, my very fiber. And I
don’t care if it’s too soon, I believe in intuition, I believe in it more now than ever.
The thing I know is this:
I love this man. I love him irrevocably. I love him more than I’ve ever loved
And I know I will lose him.
I know it. More intuition.
But I love his very soul.


Who am I?

I was sitting around the other day, trying to come up a post when it hit me. Why not re-introduce myself? 

Here goes nothing. 

Me on Thanksgiving

  1. I’m allergic to Squirt, the soda. It’s my only allergy.
  2. I have a strange phobia of elevators. 
  3. I dislike chocolate. 
  4. My husband and I have been together for 10 years, this year. We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this August.
  5. We are parents to a three-year-old golden doodle named Stella. Picture Below.  
  6. Reading is my favorite pastime. I love getting lost into a book.
  7. I’m obsessed with soccer. 
  8. I coach a Girls Under-18 soccer team
  9. I love country music. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorites.
  10. I tend to change my purse as much as I change my clothes.  At a friend’s wedding last October 
  11. I chose Pepsi over Coke every time.
  12. I’m born and raised in Washington. 
  13. I have very strong localities to all Seattle Sports.
  14. I love to travel. 
  15. I’ve considered going back to school to get a teaching degree.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me again. 

Until next time!






Remember me? The person who has neglected this blog? Well, I’m back. 

Apologies for my unintentional absent. Life got in the way. One of my new resolutions is to be a better blogger. No time like now for a little update.  

Back in July, I started a new job. With this new job, came a new routine. 

Near the end of July, the hubs and I found out we were pregnant. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve suffered two miscarriages so this news was difficult to process. The timing could not be worse, with just starting a new job. 

Within the first couple of weeks of August, I went to my first doctor appointment and the pregnancy was confirmed! Since I’ve never made it to this pot, I was feeling better. I left the doctors with a skip in my step and my ultrasound appointment scheduled for a couple of weeks later. 

Flash forward a couple of weeks and the ultrasound appointment. After the ultrasound was done, I headed up to the doctor to get the results. That is were my worst fears happened… Again. I suffered another miscarriage. 

Long story short. I’ve been spending the last few months dealing with the side effects, physically and emotionally, of this last miscarriage. I’ve been in more doctor’s offices, trying to get answers then I want to admit. 

I’m at a better place where I can write about my story and blog again. 

Cheers to 2016!

– Jennifer 

Local Flavor Swap Show Off

 Hi Gals!
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Please forgive me. There is a lot going on. I will be back soon. 
Today’s post is all about my local flavor swap that was hosted by CG Swaps.
I got partnered with the lovely Kristen from The Book Monsters. She is wonderful. Everyone needs to go check out her blog! Read on to see what she got me. 

I already have this bag in my purse. Some of the stories around us make you pay for books. This was a great addition to my purse.

I am so excited to dive into this book!
A picture of all the goodies. 

Thanks again Kristen for being a wonderful partner and to the ladies of CG for hosting another successful swap. 




It’s time to link up for the latest edition of Blogger Friends Diaries.
For today’s post, it’s time to introduce you to someone special to me. My husband. He was getting a little jealous that I haven’t asked him yet. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my husband, Darryl! Take it away Darryl!

1.| If you have a specific ringtone for your blogger, what is it? If you don’t have one, what would it be if you did?
I have one of the iPhone ringtones for her. If I had to pick a song, it would be “Save Tonight” by Eagle Eye Cherry. 
*His ringtone is Cannan Smith “Love You Like That”* 
2.| What is something the two of you enjoy doing together? 

My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch and watch tv together. The days where we do absolutely nothing are the best. 

*Or when he let’s me talk about books.*

3.| What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written? 

My favorite post of hers is the one where she talks about the miscarriages. It took a lot of courage for her to admit it to anyone even herself and when I saw that post, I couldn’t be prouder of her. 

*Weird, that is my favorite post too.  It was one of my scariest posts to write.*

4.| How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week?

Not as much as she would like. She is so busy with work and coaching soccer that sometimes her blog gets put to the side. 

*Sorry about that guys. I’m trying to be better.*

There is a glimpse of my husband. Thanks for stopping by Darryl!
Now don’t forget to link-up here or over at Kelly’s blog! Can’t wait to get to know you and your bestie!

The Local Flavor Swap

It’s been a while since I have done a swap and I’ve missed them so much. When I saw that my favorite ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps announced their local flavor swap, I knew it was time for me join the swap world again, I had such a great time with this swap last year that I was all too eager to sign up again. Read below for the all the sweet deets!

Your Swap Objective: 
Get to know your partner and send them a fantastic package of goodies that are local to your city/state/region. This can include things your area is known for, goods from local artists/authors/makers/musicians, etc.

Your package must
  • Include items your partner would like, based on their preferences.
  • Contain at least 5 items in total, related to the swap theme.
  • Cost $20-$30 before shipping, to ensure relative value between partners
Important Dates to Remember:
  • Sign-ups Open: Monday, June 29th.
  • Sign-ups Close: Monday, July 6th.
  • Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, July 7th.
  • Partners Assigned by: Wednesday, July 8th.
  • Packages Ship: on or by Saturday, July 25th.
  • Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, July 29th.
Local Flavor Swap Rules:
  • After being accepted, you must post on your blog saying you’re participating.  Post must include the button/link back to the sign-ups and must be posted within 3 days of signing up.
  • You must respond to host’s and partner’s emails in a timely fashion.
  • Packages MUST be mailed on or before Saturday, July 25th. (if you have any problem please contact hosts and partner immediately.) 
  • All packages REQUIRE tracking when shipped.  This tracking number must be emailed to your partner and to Chaotic Goddess Swaps when your package is sent out.
  • Flaking wont be tolerated.  If you sign up for the swap you are making a commitment to participate and follow through. Flakers will automatically be added to our Blacklist, which is shared among other swap hosts at our discretion.
  • After receiving your package, you must post about it on your blog and link up with the show-off linky when it is open.  This is non-negotiable. If you also share your reveal on social media, please use the hashtags #LocalFlavorSwap and #CGSwaps so we can see what goodies you got!

5 (on Friday) reasons the U.S. WNT will win the World Cup

Happy Friday Everyone!
This Friday has extra meaning to me. The time has finally come for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Sunday at 4pm, the US Women’s national time will be taking on Japan to bring home the gold. I have been waiting for this moment for four yeatrs. 
For this week’s Five on Friday, here are my five reasons that the US Women will be hoisting that trophy. 
*All the pictures will show you how much this means to me*

When we went to Vancouver to watch the World Cup live!

We have a score to settle..
The last time that the US Women held the trophy was 16 years ago. Four years ago, we were so close that we taste the victory. In the wildness of soccer, one moment changed the course, and we ended up leaving with our Silver medals. It’s time for US to be the best.

My homemade shirt! 

Our fan base is incredible.
Women’s soccer is becoming wildly popular. Since the world cup is in Canada this year, it’s almost a home field advantage for the US. Those 23 women out on the field are playing for our country.  We are selling out stadiums left and right. This fan base deserves the gold. 

Stella has World Cup spirit. 

Defense wins Championships.
And our defense is into to win it. They have gone 500+ minutes without giving up a goal. That is impressive. Our defense is solid. 


We have Hope…
Hope Solo that is. Our keeper has been fantastic. Regardless of all  her off field drama, when the time comes, she pushes it aside and performs. She has kept us in this tournament. I might be biased a little though, cause she is a Washington Native. 


Because I want them to!
At the end of the day, if you want something so bad, it ends up happening. I believe that we will win. That’s good enough reason for me. 

*Photo taken from US Soccer*

This Sunday, if you are looking for something exciting to watch, turn on Fox and watch the Women’s World Cup final. You know I will be. 

– Linking up with April and company- 

Blogger Friend Diaries Questions


How is it already July? I can’t believe that this year is already half over. A quick update. I got a new job! I started a couple of days ago and I’m loving it. 
Now the real reason you are here, the questions for the latest addition of the Blogger Friends Diaries. 

 A couple of months ago, Kelly and I introduced you to the Blogger Friend Diaries. For those of you who are taking a break (I mean, it’s summer), here is a little refresher. 
The second Wednesday of the month here and at Love, Kelly Lorene your real life bestie, cousin, sister, neighbor anyone who knows you the best gets to give us all the  juicy details. 
The week before the link up goes live Kelly and I will post the questions. There will be 3-5 questions for your bestie to answer. Our goal isn’t to break up friendships but to get to know the person behind the blog. These questions could be anything from how you met to what’s her biggest fear or more drama filled ones like what’s her worst quality. We know that you want to include your own commentary but please use your bestie’s exact answers. You don’t have to use the same friend every month. Or even one friend. We just want to get to know you!

Our next link-up will be Wednesday, July 8th. Here are the set of questions for you to ask your bestie!
1.| If you have a specific ringtone for your blogger, what is it? If you don’t have one, what would it be if you did?
2.| What is something the two of you enjoy doing together?
3.| What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written?
4.| How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week?

 See everyone next week!