Hit or Miss for October


Hello lovelies,

Fall is a time for change. The leaves change, the weather is consitiantly changing, and our every day routines change. This last month I got tons of new products to test out. Some I fell in love with and others just aren’t my cup of tea. Here are my hits and misses for the month of October.


Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion:

Smells amazing and works great after a long day on my feet. It makes them feel so smooth and healthy.

Kleenex Hand Towels:

These are great to use for almost anything. I keep them by the bathroom sinks. I use them when I watch my face instead of using the same hand towel every time (got to think about the germs).

e.l.f Makeup Brushes:

Affordable, easy to clean and great for travel. What more do you want from makeup brushes?

Tangle Teezer Brush:

Great to use right after the shower. It’s gentle on my hair and gets all the tangles out. Because let’s face it, our hair gets tangle after the shower.


Pacifica Purity Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes:

I was super excited to try these wipes because I’ve heard so many great things about them. They turned out to be absolutely horrible. They ripe coming out of the package, the smell is gross, and they are super tough to use. Whenever I use one, I need to put a lot of elbow grease in order to get them to get my makeup off.

Buxon Stick Around Eye Primer:

I like the concept of a stick eye primer. There is definitely a market for it. However, buxom’s primer is not it. It is so rough to put on. My eye lids were hurting after a couple of uses that I had to go and get a different primer. Beauty is pain, but this was too much pain for me to deal with.

Aveeno Skin Brighting Daily Scrub:

Instead of helping with acne, I was breaking out more. I need a daily scrub that is going to help with my acne problems and not make it worse.

What products did you like this month? What were some misses for you?

Signing off!



One thought on “Hit or Miss for October

  1. The Kleenex Hand Towels seem like a great idea and although I haven’t tried or priced them.. they just seem like a waste of money. With that being said, I do get the idea behind them and it makes sense to me. Right now, the fiance and myself don’t really have many guests over (the joys of living in a studio condo) so they wouldn’t do much good for us! 🙂

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