Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Sami's Shenanigans

Adding a link up with Sami’s Shenanigans.

Happy Monday! I hope your Monday is awesome!


Here’s a roundup of my weekend:

– Saturday Morning/Afternoon: We spent all day car shopping. I’ve never been car shopping before so I thought we would be in and out within a couple of hours tops. Oh no. I was WAY wrong. We were done after about 4 hours. In the end we got a car and it was all worth it.

– Saturday Evening: I invited a few girlfriends over for a scentsy/housewarming party. If you have never heard of scentsy, they are candle warmers. Instead of wicks, they are little cubes you place on the warmer and they melt. They seemed nice but I’m not sure yet. I like my candles so we will have to see.

– Sunday ALL Day: Sunday is usually my day of rest or doing nothing and watching football. But since I started coaching soccer, I now have to give up lazy Sundays and head out to my team’s game. Unfortunately, we lost. This was our first lost all season. Grr. I hate losing. I did get done in time to watch the Seahawks barely make it out alive against Tampa Bay. Really Tampa Bay? Come on Seattle you can play better.

That was my exciting weekend.

What were some of your highlights from the weekend?

Signing off,


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