Never Ever Ever


Today I’m linking up with Neely at a complete waste of makeup for Tuesday’s Never Ever Ever.

Never Ever Ever…

…will Lorelai and Rory Gilmore not be the best mother/daughter duo ever

… will I think snakes make good pets.

… will I understand the US Mail Service. Why do I have to pay $10 for your mistake?

… will being stuck in traffic for over an hour by yourself be fun.

… will I skydive

… will leggings be considered pants

… will it be ok to start getting ready for the holidays before Halloween. Yes, our neighbors started about mid-October

.. will I understand how to extreme coupon. Someone help me

… will I get sucked into Candy Crush again.


6 thoughts on “Never Ever Ever

  1. I refuse to get prepared for the holidays before Thanksgiving is over! And I can’t agree more about the leggings as pants thing! Want worse? I saw two girls out at a bar one night wearing TIGHTS as pants… it was traumatizing!

  2. welcome to blogging new friend! blog hops like the ones you have done never,ever ever and social sunday are a good way to get more people to view your blog and follow you. i like them b/c they help my writers block at times. hope you continue to blog and meet more bloggers. thanks for the comment on my blog. i have added you to my daily reads!

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