Would you rather Wednesday?

Hello Lovelies!!!

It’s Wednesday aka Camel Day. The weekend is almost here.


Let’s play a game!

It’s called “Would You Rather”.

For those of you that have never played, you are given two either or choices and you must pick one.

Here are your questions.

Would you rather…

…be happy for 8 hrs/day and poor or sad for 8 hrs/day and rich?

…live without music or live without tv?

…have a kangaroo or a koala as your pet?

…be invisible or be able to read minds?

…have super human memory or teleportation?

1.) I would rather be happy for 8 hrs and be poor. My life would feel more fulfilled.

2.) I would rather live without t.v. Now-a-days, shows aren’t made as good as the olden days. I’m talking Full House, Sabrina, Boy meets World, or Gilmore Girls anyone?

3.) I would rather have a koala bear. They are just so cute. Besides, if a koala got away it might be easier to catch since they don’t hop.

4.) I would rather be able to read people’s minds. I would love to know what people think. It would make that awkward first meeting with someone a little easier.  

5.) I would rather teleport. This was an easy choice. You wouldn’t have to pay for gas anymore. Plus you would be anywhere in the blink of an eye.

Tell me, which would you rather?

Signing off,



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