Thursday Thoughts

I’m linking up with Jen over at Ramblings of a suburban Mom.

– The weekend can’t come soon enough. we are celebrating my grandpa (well, technically my husband’s grandpa)’s 90th birthday! A weekend of fun and family! What more can you ask for?

– I’m a huge handbag/purse lady. For the longest time I would go a week or two and then change my bag. Well, lately I’ve been pretty good about using the same bag or old bags so I don’t have to buy one. It’s been about a month since I’ve changed. As an early holiday present my husband got me a new bag! It was more like his credit card get me the new one. It should be here any day now. Maybe it will be waiting for me when I get home from work. I can’t wait to use it! When I get it will post a picture!

– Miley Cyrus announced on SNL that she was going on tour in 2014. The other day, she released her tour dates! I’m so excited since she’s coming close to me! I will be going all out getting tickets for this can’t miss show.

– I’ve lived in Washington my entire life and yet I’m still surprised by the drivers here. It rains in Washington, we know this. It amazes me how many people can’t drive in the rain. It’s like when the rain comes, everyone forgets how to drive. We need to change our driving test requirements. They need to learn how to drive in the rain. Normally my commute to work takes a little over an hour but today it was almost 2.5 hours. On the freeway, I hit 30 if I was lucky.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!

Signing off,



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