5 on Friday


I’m linking up with a. liz adventures.

Friday is here. Did you ever think this day would get here? Me either!


This weekend, I will get my house clean and organized. Starting with the closet and ending with the fridge to be Thanksgiving ready.


Two concerts in one week, yes please! Tuesday night, we went to Selena Gomez and tonight Michael Buble. It’s going to be a great way to get my weekend started.


Black Friday is coming. Personally, I feel that society is more excited for Black Friday than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family, eat great food, and watch football. It shouldn’t be rushed so you can spend less time together and more time at the mall. Walmart and a couple of other stores are opening their doors at 6PM on THURSDAY. There is so much wrong with that. Their employees are giving up time with their family in order to cater to other people’s needs and complaints. I worked at Target when I was in college so I feel their pain during this day. When did society start caring more about people spending money on things than actual togetherness with family?  I don’t know about you but I’m not ending my thanksgiving early to go to Walmart to get the hottest deals.


To better ourselves financially, my husband and I are cutting back on our spending. We know we couldn’t do a no-spend month right off the bat instead we are trying to limit our spending for eating out and non important things. We took a look at our credit card statements and realize a majority of our money is spent on eating out. We’re challenging ourselves to spend only $20 a week on eating out. I’m not saying we are in a bad spot but it’s nice to have the extra money.


I really don’t have anything else so I will leave you with a joke.

What do potatoes hate the most?


Have a great Friday and weekend!



4 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. LOVING the potato joke! And I’m feeling you about Black Friday. Not only am I not into shopping but I just can’t handle the crowds and rude people. I’d rather be with family or at home reading blogs, lol. While you are cleaning, can you come by my house. I would REALLY like my fridge cleaned. It’s pretty clean but it just needs a nice bleaching out!! Oh and I’ve seen Michael Buble in concert and it was fantastic. I hope you have a blast! Happy weekend!

  2. I am so jealous you got to see Michael Buble, I am so in love with him and joke all the time to my husband that if he got Michael Buble to sing at our wedding I would of left him for Michael!

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