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Hello Lovelies!

Nothing beats long weekends especially when you get to spend it with your husband.

Since I’m a huge fan of lists, here are the top three highlights of my weekend.



Thanksgiving was held at our house this year and all the stress paid off. It went off without a hitch. Our house looked amazing all decorated, the food was delicious, and the company was the best.


Catching up on our shows

We are both very busy people and need to record about 90% of our tv shows and never watch them. We built a fire,cuddled, and cleaned up that DVR.


Building a nightstand

We have never been crafty people and I needed a nightstand. I’ve been very picky about what I wanted so we came up with a genius idea to build instead.  We spent hours at the hardware store picking out all the materials, buying paint, and getting advice for this project. We are still in the process but it’s looking good.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

Signing off,


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