Would You Rather Weds

Hello Lovlies!

It’s Wednesday aka hump day aka halfway to the weekend.

I’m not sure about you but this week has felt extremely long already.

Let’s get started on this week’s would you rather questions.

Would you rather…

… have a pet dinosaur or  a pet blue whale

… live in the jungle or  the desert

… ghost walk or  spend a night at the graveyard

… be the Queen of England or  the President of America

My answers:

I would rather have a pet dinosaur. A pet dinosaur would be awesome since no one else would own one. You could make so much money offering rides on your pet dinosaur.

I would rather live in the jungle. Tarzan. Enough said. Except I would live in a jungle without snakes because snakes are gross.

I would rather go on a ghost walk. I’m too much of a sacredly cat to say a whole night in a graveyard. I would never sleep. At least with a ghost walk, I could go home to my own bed and sleep the ghosts away.

I would rather be the Queen of England. Someone else runs the government while she gets to sit and look pretty. Plus I’d have such a sweet accent.

Now it’s your turn. What would you rather.

Tell me in the comments below or if you write a post, leave the link.

Signing off,


PS: If anyone wants to teach me how to make a linkup, please do so!


4 thoughts on “Would You Rather Weds

  1. Absolutely dinosaur – that would be fun! No question, I would live in the jungle. Lots of food and building material and it just seems cool. I am such a scaredy cat that I would hate both. I guess I would go on the ghost walk since it would be over sooner. Easiest question for me – I would be the Queen of England. Sit around in a castle, wearing jewels, and let others do all the walk. I am all about that life!!!

  2. My husband and I are so excited about these questions each week. We are going to start joining you every Wednesday. My husband knows how to build a linkup so if you want to contact him, his email address is aussieinva@hotmail.com. We did have one request – since we build our blog posts on Sundays, is it possible for you to also post the questions for the following week? Weekdays are crazy for us so building a blog post on a weekday usually doesn’t happen. We understand if you can’t, we just thought we would ask. Email Sean (that’s my husband) and he is ready to help!!

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