Today I’m linking up with Harvesting Kale.

This is a new link-up that I found.

Each week we tell you what is currently going on based off the theme.

This week’s themes:

Loving, Wishing, Moving, Riding, Needing

Loving: I’m currently loving the fact that my husband has the week of work. Every night the house looks so clean. Dinner is ready for me. Bonus, we get to spend more time together.

Wishing: I’m currently wishing it was next week already. My Vegas trip is almost here.

Moving: We are currently moving our furniture around. We are rearranging our living room.

Riding: I’m currently riding….. Nothing. I got nothing for this one.

Needing: I’m currently need a good nights rest. I haven’t been able to sleep well for the last few nights which leads to very tired the next day. I just need one good night to feel reenergized.

Next week’s theme:

enjoying // buying // forgetting // drinking // anticipating 

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