Would You Rather Weds?

Hello lovelies!

Wednesday is here and you know what that means! Another edition of Would You Rather.

Starting this week, I’m going to post the questions for next week. It’s starting to become an official link up. Look at us go!

Ready. Set. Go.

Would you rather…

… be able to fly with the birds or swim with the fishes?

… be able to speak what’s on your mind all the time or feel no emotion?

… trade places with a movie star or an athlete?

{My Answers}

I would rather fly with the birds. I have a fear that I’m going to drown to death so I’m scared to go into the water. I know I really won’t drown since I would have the ability to breath. But I still would want to fly. You could go anywhere you want at a moment’s notice.

I would rather speak what’s on my mind. I’m a very emotional person but that’s something my husband likes about me. It would nice not to be sad but then you can’t experience happy, glad, love and all the other emotions.

I would rather trade places with an athlete. I’ve played soccer my whole life so all I’ve ever know is being an athlete. I would love to do it professionally.

Here are next week’s questions!

Would you rather….

… be made out of plastic or glass?

…Be invisible or be able to read minds?

…live in the world of Twilight or Harry Potter?

…Have a monkey tail or cat ears?

Until next time my loves!



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