Monday Afternoon(ish) Ramblings + Secret Santa Reveal

Today’s post is inspired by Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Hello Lovelies!

~ I’m Back! I survived my girl’s weekend in Vegas. Barely but I did. When I finally get my camera card cleaned out, I will post pictures.

~ The worst part about my trip was the airports. Those darn things are so hard to navigate. I had such a rough time getting checked in at the Vegas Airport that I almost had a full on toddler meltdown. Maybe if I did, I would have gotten more help then I was getting. It’s like they don’t want you to leave Vegas.

~ I do most of my shopping online now. About three weeks ago, I ordered something from Forever 21 and it still hasn’t come. I finally got a notice that it was shipped and delivered on Friday. Today is Monday and has yet to arrive at my house. I’ve called both the Post Office and Forever 21 and neither were helpful. I think someone is stealing my mail. 😦

~ This holiday season I signed up for some secret Santa Swap. I’ve had such a blast with them. My latest one was from the lovely Allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something. I received some pretty awesome gifts, which I need to get off my camera. I shopped for Ashley who blogs at Check out her blog to see all the cool stuff she got!

~ I’m a part of the 2014 Blogger Challenge hosted by Gaby over at Every so often she will send a new topic out then we get to write about it. She just sent out the first topic so I’m pretty excited!

Have a lovely Monday everyone!

Signing off,


3 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon(ish) Ramblings + Secret Santa Reveal

  1. Oh I guess it really was inspired by me! I wasn’t expecting to see my graphic up there!

    And I bet your package comes today! My stuff sometimes says that too!

  2. Saw a couple photos of you in Vegas on IG and it looked like you were having a blast! I’m so jealous, I need a vacation. Although I think being knocked up in Vegas might not be as fun as usual! LOL Ordering things through the mail can be so frustrating! I ordered this adorable return address stamp for my Christmas cards from Etsy before Thanksgiving and it still hasn’t arrived, so my cards will now inevitably be late… boo. I usually have everything shipped to my office though, because I’m scared someone will snatch it off my porch. How fun that you are participating in so many swaps! I did my first one this year, the Snowflake Swap… I’ll blog about it in a couple weeks! 🙂

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