Ten Favorite Things

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 Hello lovelies,

As I was racking my brain for something to write today, I came across this link-up. It is put on by Briana over Endlessly Beloved.

Every month Briana gives us a theme to base our Ten Favorite Things.

This month’s theme is a new year.

Here are my ten favorite things for new years.

1. New Experiences/Memories with my family and friends

2. Getting to celebrate another birthday

3. Fresh Start/Clean Slate

4. New wall/desk calendar

5. Getting to relive memories of years past

6. New resolutions that I hope to keep

7. Celebrating another wedding anniversary with my husband

8. Attending two of my best friends weddings

9. Growing more as a blogger

10. Experiencing the first Spring & Summer in our new house

What are some of your favorite things about starting a new year?

Signing off,



10 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Things

  1. love your list!!! New memories are definitely things that I look forward in a new year too!!
    and I love weddings.. so congrats to you and your hubby for another year together, and yay to your friends!!
    have a great year. 🙂

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