Weekly Wishes #1

Hello lovelies!

Weekly Wishes is a place for me to talk about my goals/ideas/wishes for the upcoming week. This is inspired by The Nectar Collective.


Catch up on the shows on my DVR: I’ve created such a bad habit of recording shows and never actually watching them. By the time I sit down to watch them, most of the shows have been deleted to make room for current epsoides. I’m hoping to catch up on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Snooki & JWOWW. Plus American Idol starts this week so I need to make room to record it.


Make dinner at least twice a week: For most people, this seems like such an easy goal but around my household it’s not. Between my commute (which takes 1.5 to 2 hours each way) and my husband working late for tax season we hardly ever get to cook dinner. It’s microwave cooking and takeout FTW. I’m actually scheduling time this week to make some nice meals.


Organize the mail: Right now our mail is everywhere around the house. I tend to leave a lot of the important paperwork (bills) on the counter so that way they will get paid but my husband tends to clean them up. Either in the garbage or some random place. We are trying to compromise and find some middle ground.


Attend a zumba class: My best friend is getting married in May and she asked me to be her matron of honor; which means buying a dress. I need to get in a little better shape. I’m not a fan of running or going to the gym but I like to attend dance type classes. Zumba it is!

Hopefully I can achieve all my goals for this week.

What are some of your goals for the upcoming week?

Wishing you a great week!



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