Friday Letters

Dear Seattle: Thank You so much for looking so pretty with all the blue and green for our beloved Seahawks


Dear Seahawks: Now is our time! It’s been a long time coming. Time to bring a championship to Seattle. Your whole city is behind you.


Dear iPhone: Could you please still work? I don’t need you dying right now.


Dear Husband: I’m sad this is our last full weekend together until tax season is over. I will miss you.


Dear Rain: Please go away. I’m not a fan right now. I don’t like my pants getting wet when I head to my car.


Dear March: It’s time for Sounders season to start so I would appreciate it if you got here already. They have made too many moves for me not to be excited!


Dear Ulta: Why would you send me a 20% coupon when I’ve been eyeing the Naked 3 Platte. Now I need to go and get it.


Happy Blue Friday!







One thought on “Friday Letters

  1. I did some “letters” today too!! I think I might start making Friday my “letters” day!! It’s such a cool idea and I love seeing “who” everyone writes! On to a more serious matter– while I don’t really follow either team that is in the Super Bowl (don’t hate me, I know who each of them are).. a handful of my good friends are ‘Hawk fans so I think I’m going to lean that way. However, I heard today that since it’s the year of the Horse.. the Broncos may win. What’s that all about? Sheesh! If it were up to me– I would say that the Seahawks were going to win based on their colors alone.. the Broncos colors are hideous. And lastly.. while you are picking up that Naked makeup– grab me one too!! HAPPY SUPERBOWL WEEKEND!

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