Weekly Wishes #2

The Nectar Collective

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Hello Lovelies!

Can we talk about how the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last night! One of the best days of my life getting to watch them silence all the doubters by lifting the Lombardi trophy. My favorite quote really came to life last night, “Offense wins games but defense wins championships.”

Enough about the Seahawks. Time for my weekly wishes.

Weekely wishes is a place for me to express my goals/wishes/plans for the upcoming week


Try and write my posts the night before: I’ve been such a bad blogger lately and haven’t written many posts since life has gotten so busy. I want to try and write my posts the night before so I can rest easier and get more posts out there.


Spend one hour “tech free” every day: Like most people, I live for my social media apps on my phone. I spend a good check of my time playing around on my phone instead of time with my husband. It’s getting a little bit out of hand. Hopefully this week I can spend one hour  every day without any technology and spend it fully engaged with my husband.


Buy lunch once this week: I work in an office setting and it’s hard sometime to bring your lunch since everyone wants to go out for lunch. In an effort to save money and eat healthier I want to bring my lunch 4/5 days this week.

What are your wishes for the week?

Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #2

  1. I am with you on the buying lunch just once a week. It is insane the amount of money that adds up when you eat out. I started budgeting and that is when I realized I was spending over $100 on lunch and coffees and quick bites to eat all while I was at work. I had gotten good for a few months with it, but after I was furloughed in October, I had the worse time getting back on track and on schedule! So I am going to join you on that goal!

  2. These are some great wishes!

    I like to try and write a lot of posts if I’m ever in a typing mood so that sometimes I have something extra sitting there in case life gets crazy – maybe that will help you too?

  3. I still cannot get over that Seahawks win… I sometimes wonder if I’m dreaming. But if I am don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up! I’m taking most of the day off tomorrow to attend the parade and other shenanigans… Hawk Yeah!!

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