Friday Letters

Hello Lovelies!

We made it to the end of another week. Everyone deserves a high five (especially if you had to work five days this week)

Dear Rain: It’s time for you to go away for a little bit. I don’t like getting wet walking to my car every day. A girl can only handle so much rain before she wants to move somewhere not so wet.

Dear Roomie and Best Friend: I hope you ladies are ready for me this weekend. We are going to get so much done for both of your weddings.

Dear Raccoons: You may be cute looking creatures but you need to go away. Stella likes to play with other animals and I don’t want her playing with you. Please just leave us alone.

Dear Sounders: It’s time for your season to start already. Now that the Seahawks are done (Super Bowl Champs) I can focus my attention to you.

Happy Friday Everyone!

– Jennifer

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