Weekly Wishes #5

The Nectar Collective

Hello lovelies!

Is it really already Monday? This weekend came by in a blur.

I travelled down to Oregon to help my best friend of 20ish years plan her wedding! Only three more months until the big day!

We got my dress this weekend and I’m so excited for it to get here and to wear it.

I love weddings!

Weekly Wishes is a place for hopes/dreams/goals/ideas for the upcoming week.


No Spend on unnecessary things: My name is Jennifer and I have a spending problem. I’ve tried this before and failed horribly. After that attempt, I elevated my spending habits and realized that 95% of my purchases were impulse, unnecessary buys. I really want to save money so I’m going to take this week by week instead of a month.


Cook dinner twice: I’m not the best cook so my husband likes to do this cooking. I want to cook dinner for him twice so that we can spend time together when he gets home.


No soda: I’m going cold turkey on not drinking soda. I tried the 2-1 ratio and it didn’t work. Maybe cold turkey is the way to go.


Organize my closet: The mess in my closet is getting out of control. It’s getting harder and harder to find anything. Maybe if I did a little bit every night, the monster will get tamed.

How did last week go?

1. Create an awesome playlist: Pretty Well. I created one but listened to a book on my iPod instead.

2. Read at least one hour each night: I had ever intention to read but I would end up falling asleep.

3. Stay on a regular blog routine: I posted Monday, Weds, & Friday last week. I think that is what I’m going to stick to.

What are your weekly wishes?

*linking up with The Nectar Collective*

– Jennifer


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #5

  1. I’m trying the 2-1 ratio for drinking water/pop right now and my motivation starts out good every day but wanes as the day goes on. Ugh.

    I’m also currently on a No-Spend Week and doing pretty well. Trying to have a no-spend day or weekend can really be eye opening if you’re not up for a whole week!

    Good luck with your goals!

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