Live and Learn

Hello Lovelies!

In order to understand this post, let me paint a scenario in your mind.

The time is 6:00 PM. Your family is getting ready to eat a nice meal when all of a sudden the doorbell rings.

Angrily dad goes and answers the door.

“What do you want?” says Dad

“Good evening Sir. My name is George. Has anyone told you about this great new service?”

“No. And I don’t care. Have you no respect? I’m trying to eat dinner with my family.”

Dad slams the door and walks away.

If you say you’ve never experienced something similar to this then you are lying. I know I have; on both sides of the door. I use to be a door-to-door salesperson

Right after my husband and I got married, he lost his job. We packed up and moved to the Seattle area since there were more jobs available. After searching and searching for jobs, I came across this “great” management training program. After three rounds of interviews, I was offered the job as an account executive to do face-to-face marketing for Century Link. . I didn’t know face-to-face meant being the annoying person knocking on doors trying to sell TV, phone, & internet.

Here is what my typical day looked like Monday-Saturday:

9-10:30 am: Get everything ready for the day. Make a plan of attack; meet with your leaders.

10:30-noon: “Management training part” Learn what it takes to be a manager; team management; sales

Noon-8:30 PM: Walk around neighborhoods; I would knock on 50-60 doors and talk to maybe 8-10 people. Out of those 8-10 people, I would get 1-2 people to actually sign up.

8:30-9:00 pm: Wind down and go home. Once a week we would have team night and hang together outside of the office.

 I survived for about 8 months before I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired all the time and had no life.

However, I did learn a few things about myself.

1.) Sometimes you have to tough: News Flash, not everyone is nice to people knocking at their doors. When you got the angry person yelling at you, it was hard not to yell back. Since most of the time I was by myself, I learned that I needed to be tough if I was going to survive.

2.) Don’t be afraid of rejection: The biggest thing to know is that not everyone will want your product. I dealt with rejection on a daily basis. I would keep my chin up and go found the person that wanted my products.

3.) If I put my mind to something. I can do it: I was pretty darn good at this job. Actually, I was a rock star at this job. It was something that I never thought I would be good at. I put 100% effort into the job unless I didn’t want to get paid. This job was 100% commission.  I would get paid for how hard I worked so I worked my butt off.

Do I regret my job as a door-to-door salesperson? No.

Did it help me grow as a person both personally and professional? Absolutely.

Would I ever do it again? No way.

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Life As Always

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2 thoughts on “Live and Learn

  1. I used to try to sell customized student planners to schools over the phone. It was horrible, but I did learn lessons very similar to yours. Thank goodness those jobs are behind us now!

  2. While I haven’t done door to door sales, I’ve done outbound calling on the phone and you do have to develop a thick skin– it’s rough sometimes. Thank goodness I’ve found something that is better than I used to have. I’m so thankful everyday!! Growth as a person is so awesome!

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