Weekly Wishes #7

Hello lovelies!

Happy Monday!

It’s hard to believe that another week is already here.

This weekend is all a big blur. Even though we hardly did anything this weekend. I still feel like I was super busy.

It could have something to do with this whole daylight savings time.

Weekly Wishes is a place for hopes/dreams/goals/ideas for the upcoming week.


Go for one walk with the dog: Since the rain is suppose to go away and the nights are longer, it’s time to start taking Stella for walks around the neighborhood. I want to make this a regular thing but I need to start small or else I will get overwhelmed.


Work on the décor for the Bridal Shower: My Best Friend’s bridal shower is fast approaching. Since I decided to have the party at my house, I need to get going on the decorations I want. We are having a tea party but not an Alice in Wonderland tea party. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Write two book review posts: I’ve finished a couple of books lately that I think everyone should read. I’m hoping to get them reviewed very shortly.

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