Would You Rather Weds

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for being a day late but we put our family dog down yesterday and I wasn’t in the right mindset to write.

It’s Weds (well Thursday) which means Would You Rather?

For those of you that are new, let me explain to you this game.

Each week we are given a series of questions. The questions are either/or type questions. You need to pick which one you would rather.

Simple huh?

This Week’s Questions:

Would you rather…

…Hang out at the Central Perk (Friends Coffeehouse) or MacLaren’s Pub (How I Met Your Mother)?

…Be on American Idol or The Voice?

…Solve crimes with Bones & Booth (Bones) or with the CSI team?

My Answers:

I would rather hang out at MacLaren’s Pub. It looks like there is always something exciting going on.

I would rather be on the Voice. The concept behind the Voice is intriguing. Judges base their choices on your voice and not how you look. Besides, I like the Voice judges way better.

I would rather solve crimes with the CSI team. They always have the latest gadgets.

Next Week’s Questions:

Would you rather…

… only be able to talk in a whisper or have to shout everything?

… be a dog or a cat?

… have all the money you want but no friends or be poor but have friends?

… be able to fly or read minds?

Have a great day!



One thought on “Would You Rather Weds

  1. The pub appeals to me, but I’d be more the observer than a participant, crowded places make me uncomfortable, unless I know people.

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