Weekly Wishes #8

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday!

The weekend is over and get back to the daily grind.

My weekend was pretty eventful.


(Random Google Search)

Now it’s time for another addition of weekly wishes.

Weekly Wishes is a place for hopes/dreams/goals/ideas for the upcoming week.

This week’s Wishes:


Organize /Purge all my jewelry and accessories: I have a ton of jewelry that I’ve accumulated over the years. Most of it I don’t wear so they are stuffed in a box. The boxes are collecting dust and taking up space in my closet. It’s time to go through everything and get rid of what I don’t need/want.


Get a new pair of (nice) sunglasses: Ever since I starched my cornea, my eyes have been very sensitive to light. I tend to buy the cheapo sunglasses from Target but they are doing nothing for me. They are actually making it harder for my eyes. I need to get a better pair especially since the weather is getting nicer.


Cut back on energy drinks: I’ve cut my soda intake down by a huge chunk. The thing is that I probably just replaced it with energy drinks. I really want to cut back on them.

Last Week’s Wishes:

Go for one walk with the dog: Instead of a walk, I took her to the park twice. That’s the same right?

Work on the décor for the Bridal Shower: I got very little done with this.

Write two book review posts: I wrote them but haven’t published them yet. They will come.

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