Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Hello loves!

Did you miss me?

I’m back from my hiatus.

I learned from my couple weeks off how much I enjoy writing this little blog. I’ve had time to reflect and get my life figured out.

I figured what a better way to kick off this new me then with a little Sunday Social hosted Neely and Ashley.

This week is all about the best.

1.What was your best birthday?

My birthday is in August, which may not seem so bad. But in school I never got to have the special day like all of my friends did. The best birthdays were when I got to celebrate with my friends.

 2. What was your best vacation?

A couple of years ago my brother-in-law graduated from college in Arizona. As a trip my husband, mother-in-law, his grandparents, my brother-in-law and I did a road trip around the Grand Canyon area. We started at the Grand Canyon and ended up in Vegas. It was so much fun. We saw Zion and Bryce. Every day we hiked. It was a blast getting to shared the memories with his grandparents as well. That was one of my best vacations.

3. Best date you’ve ever been on?

As cheesy as this is going to sound the best dates are the ones with my husband. Especially when we are home watching movies. If I had to pick one, it would be our first date. Jack-in-the-box and talking in the car. 

 4. Best Movie(quality) you’ve seen?

This is a tough question.

5. Best TV show ending of all time?

Friends. I’m still sad that the show ended but it was still a good ending. She got off the plane!






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