Weekly Wishes #11

The Nectar CollectiveLinking up with Melyssa

Hello loves!

Happy Monday!

After my crazy busy weekend, I’m actually glad that Monday is finally here. It gives me a chance to relax.

Between hosting both a bridal shower and easter, I’m all partied out.

Weekly Wishes is where I talk about my wishes, hopes, dreams, etc for the upcoming week.

This Week’s Wishes

Go to bed by 10pm every night: I’ve been getting into a really bad habit of going to bed super late (like 12/1am) and getting up early (6am). I’ve learned that if I get to bed by 10PM, I get the most amount of rest to be a fully functioning member of society.

Make dinner at least once: Now that my husband beats me home, he’s been making dinner. Even though I can’t really cook, I do enjoy making dinner. Hopefully one night this week, he will let me.

Spring Clean my closet: It’s getting pretty out of hand. It’s time to clean everything out.

Last Week’s Wishes

Get the house ready for BFF’s bridal shower: Everything was ready and looking super cute by 11 am on Saturday. Success!

Read one book: Techinally, I didn’t actually read it but I did finish Dirty Dad by Bob Saget on audible. Check.

Not get sick: Check! Everyone at my office was getting sick, so I was worried there. I made it through the week without getting it! Major success.

What are some of your wishes?

– Jennifer


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #11

  1. Go to bed by 10pm is one for me too! Anything after that and it really catches up with me. My closet (wardrobe for me, I’m a Londoner!) needs a serious spring cleaning too – this weekend! Good luck, stopping by via the Weekly Wishes link up 🙂

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