Friday Letters

Dear iPhone: Why are you sucking so bad? I would like my battery to last me longer then 4 hours. No matter what I do, you still run of out of juice.

Dear Rain: It is time for you to go away and come back in a few months. I have all these cute sunglasses I want to wear. I look pretty silly wearing them when there is no sun.

Dear Sounders: It’s time for you to win at home. I know that you can win games on the road. Really you have 40,000 people cheering you on; it’s time for you to give them what they want. A win.

Dear Fault in Our Stars: I’ve already read you once but for some reason I feel like I need to read you again. I’ve been listening to you on my way to work. At least you are making the drive a little bit better.

Dear Grace Adele: I’m excited to start my new adventures with you. Jewelry and purses are two things I know about. (More on this later).

Dear J&K: I’m so excited to see you this weekend. It has been way too long. I need to hear about Disneyworld since I live my life carelessly through you.

Dear Everyone: Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

– Jennifer


One thought on “Friday Letters

  1. I so know what you are going through with that dratted Iphone. Had to change my phone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because the battery was running out after 2 hours!!!

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