Weekly Wishes #12

The Nectar CollectiveLinking up with Melyssa

Hello Loves!

How was your weekend?

Mine was nice. Saturday we were so busy that I blinked and the day was already over. That’s ok because Sunday, we didn’t do anything. It was a balanced weekend.

This Week’s Wishes:

Get Beyoncé tickets: She is coming to Seattle. I am going to get tickets. This is not a show I want to miss.

Work on my MOH speech: My best friend’s wedding is fast approaching and I’ve been zero on my speech. If I don’t do it now, it will never get done in time and then it will be a lame speech. No one wants a lame speech that sounds like she doesn’t care about the bride.

Go through my purse: I am a purse hoarder. I have a slight obsession with them.  I have a ton of old purses that I don’t need anymore. I’m going to sell them either in stores or on my blog. Any thoughts on how to do that would be great.

Last Week’s Wishes:

Go to bed by 10pm every night: Check. This was a lot easier then I thought it was going to be.

Make dinner at least once: Check again!

Spring Clean my closet: Half check. I did put all my clothes in a pile to go through.

What are your wishes for the week?


One thought on “Weekly Wishes #12

  1. Hello! Visiting from the link-up! I’m impressed you were able to go to bed by 10pm each night. I’m getting back into the habit of working out in the mornings, so I’m trying to start getting to bed by that time myself. Good luck preparing your MOH speech!

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