Weekly Wishes #13

The Nectar Collective

Linking up with Melyssa

Hello loves!

This week’s wishes are going to be really short.

This week’s wishes:

Hopefully I didn’t break my pinky: Typing is super hard right now because there is a good chance that I broke the first bone in my body. It’s super swollen and bruised that I can’t move it. That’s what I get for doing something that I wasn’t suppose to.

Enjoy the sun: The weather is suppose to get warmer. I’m going to try and get off work early so that I can enjoy the time with my husband and dog.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #13

  1. Oh no!! That sounds so painful! I hope it’s not broken, either! Hopefully not, as I imagine that would have an effect on your second wish, as well! I hope you feel betters soon!

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