Thursday Morning Whatevers

Hello loves!

Have you ever had one of those days? A day where you are in a blah mood and have no idea why. Yep, that has definitely been my week so far. Being in that mood leads me to today’s post.

Here are the things that I’m saying whatever to.

Whatever.. to the fact that my phone isn’t working. Or the fact that I can’t go get my new one yet because I’m not on the account. Hopefully, the phone dies forever and then no one can get a hold of me. Maybe then people will realize that I wasn’t joking.

Whatever.. to the fact that it has been nice all week but suppose to be crappy weather this weekend. Why does it have to be nice during the week when I’m stuck inside but crappy when I have the free time to go outside. Oh the joys of living in Washington. the fact that today is not Wednesday, like I woke up thinking. At least that means we are one day closer to the weekend than I originally thought.

Whatever.. to the idea of footgolf. I mean FOOTGOLF. It’s like regular, boring golf but played with soccer balls. How have I never done this before? Yes, I know what my husband and I are doing this weekend.

Whatever.. to Facebook. I’m starting to get annoyed with Facebook. There is nothing exciting on there anymore. Yet, I can’t pull the trigger to cancel my account. #firstworldproblems

– Jennifer

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