Thursday Thoughts

Hello Loves!

* I love getting to work so close to one of my good friends. We get to have lunch almost weekly. I love getting to spend that time one-on-one time with her.

* I’m so excited for this holiday weekend. We are getting out of dodge and going camping with our best friends. Four full days with friends, puppies, husband, and the sun. My ideal weekend. This will be us this weekend.

*Since we have such a long drive to get to our campsite, I went and brought some puzzle books. My husband will either love me or hate after this drive. What can I say, I just love me some crossword puzzles.

* I really need some good book recommendations. I keep reading the same type of story. It’s time for something new. Any thing good out there?

* I totally got the entire collection of Boys Meets World on dvd. Definitely time to binge watch that show. My childhood can be describe in this show. Hopefully, when I have kids they will appreciate this show as much as I did. They don’t make shows like this use to.

* Ed Sheeran song Sing equals perfection.

TTGood copy

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I stalked through your Goodreads a little bit…you might like the Parasol Protectorate series. They’re steampunk/fantasy/romance and fairly quick, but interesting reads.

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