USA! USA! USA! and other Friday Letters!

Dear Stella: If people didn’t know before, they know now that you are really my dog. I think we look pretty awesome.

Dear Team USA: Thank You so much for silencing all the doubters and making it out of the “Group of Death.” I’m beyond excited to watch your game on Tuesday. I’m even more excited to see my boy Yedlin representing Seattle in the red, white, and blue.

Dear World Cup: Thank you for being here finally. Also, thank you for having normal hours for games. It’s making my work day going by faster.

Dear Phone Case of The Month: Thank you for my amazing phone case this month. I have gotten so many compliments on it. It is so peaceful and pure amazing. It’s the perfect case for the next month or so. Then I will get bored of you until the next case comes. If you are interested in subscribing, check out their website here:

Dear Beyoncé and Jay-Z: I freaking can’t wait to see you here very soon. I’ve been reading up about your concerts and I’m ready for some rocking music.

Dear Spotify: Why did I ever stop listening to you? You are such an amazing source for music but really $10 for a subscription. Let’s work on that.

– Jennifer

Life Update


My U17 team this last weekend at our first tournament. We won!

Hello loves!

It’s me! Did you forget about me?

I’m still alive and kicking. Just having a grand old time.

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks and here is why.

I’ve started coaching two soccer teams.

Between soccer, work, and living life I’ve been super busy which has left little time for this blog.

For those you who don’t know me. I’m obsessed with soccer.  I live, breathe, and sleep soccer.

I’ve done it all. Coached, Played, Refereed.

For some reason I felt the need to coach two teams this year. It’s taking all my energy at the moment.

Please bare with me while I figure out how to balance everything.

– Jennifer

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Linking up with Neely & Ashley

Hello Loves!

It’s been too long. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with a wedding, camping, soccer starting up, and work. I promise I didn’t forget about you wonderful people!

Time for another edition of Sunday Social!

1. 4 favorite phone apps: Buzzfeed, snapchat, Twitter, and Yelp!

2. 4 favorite Summer TV shows: World Cup, Graceland, Girl Meets World, and Suits!

3. 4 things you would NEVER do: Get a pet snake. Sky dive, become a CPA, and play Professional Basketball.

4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what: Keys, Phone, Chapstick, and wallet.

5. 4 blogs we should follow: This is a tough question. There are just too many.

Until next time,


Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap

Books 'n' Bloggers SwapHello Loves!

I’m back from an amazing wedding weekend (more on that later).

Can we talk about for a hot minute how June is already here?

What a better way to start off June than with one of my favorite swaps!

Chaotic Goddess Swaps is hosting the books “n” blogger swaps.

Your objective (if you chose to sign up) is to send your partner three books: A book you love, a book you haven’t read but are interested in, & a book from your partner’s wish list.

Some dates to remember:

Sign-Ups Start:  Monday, June 2nd at 12AM

Sign-Ups End: Monday, June 9th at 11:59PM

First Post MUST be Posted by: Tuesday, June 10th at 11:59PM

Partners assigned: Wednesday, June 11th

Packages Shipped: Friday, June 27th & Saturday June 28th

Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, July 2nd

Show-Off Linky Closes: Friday, July 18th

Now go sign up! These ladies are awesome and you will not be disappointed.

– Jennifer