USA! USA! USA! and other Friday Letters!

Dear Stella: If people didn’t know before, they know now that you are really my dog. I think we look pretty awesome.

Dear Team USA: Thank You so much for silencing all the doubters and making it out of the “Group of Death.” I’m beyond excited to watch your game on Tuesday. I’m even more excited to see my boy Yedlin representing Seattle in the red, white, and blue.

Dear World Cup: Thank you for being here finally. Also, thank you for having normal hours for games. It’s making my work day going by faster.

Dear Phone Case of The Month: Thank you for my amazing phone case this month. I have gotten so many compliments on it. It is so peaceful and pure amazing. It’s the perfect case for the next month or so. Then I will get bored of you until the next case comes. If you are interested in subscribing, check out their website here:

Dear Beyoncé and Jay-Z: I freaking can’t wait to see you here very soon. I’ve been reading up about your concerts and I’m ready for some rocking music.

Dear Spotify: Why did I ever stop listening to you? You are such an amazing source for music but really $10 for a subscription. Let’s work on that.

– Jennifer


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