Friday iPhone Dump

Hello Loves!

My life has been crazy busy lately. Here is what I have been up too.


(From Top Left to Bottom Right)

1: Stella believed that the USA could win. What you don’t see in that picture is her treat box. She would not go near the pad of paper so I bribed her.

2: Since most of the World Cup games were on during work hours I figured out how to multi-task. Two games on at a time and work, no problem.

3: We were literally right next to the field a couple of weeks ago at the Sounders game. We could touch the players.

4: There are no words for this picture. We were stuck in the car for three hours.


1: Stella really doesn’t like the Timbers. She chewed that ball up.

2: My little cousin graduated from high school. Crazy. I remember when he was born.

3: Saturday morning cuddles with my pup. She was so tired.

4: Right after we won in overtime!

Happy Friday!

– Jennifer

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