Book Club Friday

With Heather

Hello Loves!

TGIF. I can’t believe the weekend is finally here. It’s been a very rough week. I’m super excited to relax.

Relax with a nice good book.

This week I’m sharing:

Glazed Murder (A Donut Shop Mystery) by Jessica Beck

Glazed Murder (Donut Shop Mystery, #1)


Meet Suzanne Hart, owner and operator of Donut Hearts coffee shop in April Springs, North Carolina. After her divorce from Max, an out-of-work actor she’s dubbed “The Great Impersonator,” Suzanne decided to pursue her one true passion in life: donuts. So she cashed in her settlement and opened up shop in the heart of her beloved hometown.

But when a dead body is dumped on her doorstep like a sack of flour, Suzanne’s cozy little shop becomes an all-out crime scene. Now, everyone in town is dropping by for glazed donuts and gruesome details. The retired sheriff warns her to be careful—and they’re all suspects. Soon Suzanne—who finds snooping as irresistible as donuts—is poking holes in everyone’s alibis…


My Thoughts:

I haven’t start the book at all. I’m reading it because I was recommended by a good friend. She has somewhat similar taste as me. I just need to remember to have donut handy. You know, in case I randomly get a craving for some.

What are you planning on reading this weekend?

– Jennifer

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