TTFN- Book Review

ttfn (Internet Girls, #2)

After everything they’ve been through together, Angela, Maddie, and Zoe know they’ll be friends till the end–but sometimes the fates (or parents) have other plans.
With sophomore year and its troubles behind them, the winsome threesome is on cruise control, enjoying the well-earned perks of being sixteen. But then Angela (SnowAngel) gets some seriously bad family news 😥 that threatens to change her life forever. On top of that, Maddie (mad maddie) decides to let loose her wild side 😛 and Zoe (zoegirl) struggles to keep a big secret from Angela :O. Will junior year pull the girls apart just when they need each other most? Only their instant messages reveal the full story…(goodreads)

My thoughts:

Like the first book in the series (TTYL) this book was written entirely in IMs and text messages. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it. However, it ended up making the book a lot easier to read. Somehow the dialog flowed a lot smoother than more traditional writing. Would I want all my books written in this style, no. But it was a nice break.

Zoe, Angela, & Maddie are trying to survive their junior year of high school. Like any group of friends, they go through their ups & downs. Boyfriends, Dances, Evil enemies, etc. It doesn’t matter what they face as long as they face it together. Until one of their own gets life-change news.

What makes this book so relatable to a 27-year are the characters. As I’m reading this, I can picture my two best friends throughout high school and all the crazy stuff we use to do. It takes me back to my awkward years. Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing.

4/5 Stars

Book Information:

Written by: Lauren Myracle

Format: Paperback

Length: 256 pages

Publication date: February 1st 2007

– Jennifer



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