Linking up with Heather

Happy Friday Loves!

Can you believe it’s finally here? Seems like it took forever!

Here is the book I’m sharing. I actually finished it the other day.

This week’s book:

L8R, G8R by Lauren Myracle

l8r, g8r (Internet Girls, #3)

Goodreads blurb

Angela, Zoe and Maddie are finally seniors and ready for the great year they deserve. After two years of fighting, experimentation and some hilarious stories, they are prepared to enjoy the fruits of seniority – even though being top dogs at school means thinking about college, sex and even the impending end of their inseparable trio.

My thoughts:

Like her two other books (reviews here and here) this one was written in Text Messages and IMs. It’s like getting a look into someone’s diary. Unlike her other books, this was one of my favorites. This books follows the Winsome Threesome through their senior year. They are having to deal with all the pressure of senior (ie college) while still hanging out with each other and getting back at their high school bully. It’s so great to follow along their journey.

4/5 Stars

Book Information:

Written by: Lauren Myracle

Format: Paperback

Length: 288 pages

Date Published: March 1st 2007


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