Favorite Picture || #blogtober14 Day 4

Hello Loves!

The fourth day of Blogtober is here. Since today is Saturday, I’m going to keep this short and simple.

Day 4. Favorite Photo You’ve Posted on Instagram 

I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures I can choose from but I always tend to go back to these series of pictures. I guess what makes these pictures is the story behind them.

My husband and I are huge Seattle Sounders (professional soccer) fans. Our sworn enemies are the Portland Timbers. The rivalry towards each other is simpler to the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Soxs. Simply, they despise each other.

For some odd reason, a friend of mine thought it would be a great idea to send me a Timbers soccer ball. I’m still trying to figure out why. In reality, it ended up being a great gift.

The hubs and I wanted to have some fun with this so we dressed up Stella (our goldendoodle) in some of our Sounders gear.


Gave her the soccer ball. *She had to show them what’s up*


Then sat back as she went to town, chewing it up.


In the end, Stella got the last laugh!


Soccer ball-0.

Linking up with Taylor and Helene for #Blogtober14

– Jennifer





6 thoughts on “Favorite Picture || #blogtober14 Day 4

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