Vacation Time (Almost) || #blogtober day 7

Helene in Between Blogtober

Day 7 of #Blogtober14 with Taylor and Helene is here

Hello Loves!

Happy Tuesday!

So far, for the last six days I’ve been pretty spot on with my post for #Blogtober. However, today’s is going to be a little different. Here it goes.

Day 7. Best/Worst Vacation

 Growing up my family and I hardly ever went on vacation. I was playing competitive soccer every weekend so it was hard to go on vacation. For a while we tried to go to the Ocean for Thanksgiving but it became a hassle. My husband and I are busy people, so it’s harder for us to travel. The point of all this rambling is that it’s hard for me to pinpoint the best and/or worst vacation.

Instead of talking about my best (or worst) vacation, I’m going to tell you about our upcoming vacation.

In just a few short weeks (two to be exact) My parents, the husband and I are adventuring off to Las Vegas!

Not only are we going to be in Vegas for a whole week, we are attending the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Finals. Well, most of us are. Actually, mainly my parents. Somehow my husband and I weaseled our way into their trip. Hey, they offered to pay for our hotel room. Either way. It will be nice to jet off in the sunset to Sin City. Hopefully, I come back with just as much (or more) money then when I left.

See You Soon Vegas!

If you have any good recommendations for us to try, hit me up! I’m really trying to convince the husband to go to Britney Spears with me.

– Jennifer


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3 thoughts on “Vacation Time (Almost) || #blogtober day 7

  1. So fun! I traveled to Vegas a lot for work and didn’t get to see much, but I made it a point to see the dancing fountains! It was super fun. The bar at the top of the Mandarin hotel has great views and a killer margarita! 😉

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