Mid Week Wows


Hello Loves!

Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the fact that it’s called hump day. Or the fact that it’s means the week is half over. Maybe because on Wednesdays we wear pink. However, I hate the fact that there is still two more days until the weekend. And that Wednesday are always the longest work days. Why the random ramble about Wednesday you ask? Let me tell you.

In Blog-land I tend to see more weekly favorites on Friday. I thought, “Why don’t we give love to Wednesday?” “Wednesday needs some lovin’ too.” Then came Mid-Week Wows (Name still in progress).

Mid-Week Wows is where I talk about my favorite whatevas that I’m liking so-far this week. Let’s see how this goes.


I’ve been to the dark side people. I’ve seen the end of a Chapstick container without losing it, melting it or the puppy attempting to eat it. I don’t think I’ve never in my 27 years made it to the end of the chapstick tube. I feel like a party needs to be thrown. Instead I’m going to insert this random e-card expressing my feelings exactly.


I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my daily makeup wear. I want something that can be done in about 10 minutes or less because 90% of the time, it lasts for maybe an hour. Eyeshadow is the worst. Eyeshadow tends to rub off the fastest. By the time I’m home its completely gone. Until recently, I came across this new L’Oreal eyeshadow and fall in love. L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow have a great color pay off, last all day and are relatively cheap. Check them out!

Eternal Sunshine (Ulta)


Lately, I’ve been really into statement necklaces. I came across this one from Baublebar that I just needed in my life. It adds color to any outfit. It came over the weekend and I’ve been wearing it every since.

This intricate collar features crystal arcs and floral motifs for a technicolor statement with graphic appeal.

That was my mid-week wows! What are some things you’ve been loving?

– Jennifer


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