Fall Fashion || #blogtober14 day 16

Hello Loves!

It’s hard to believe that October is half over. That means there is about two months until Christmas. Where is this year going? I feel like yesterday was the start of 2014 and in a blink of an eye, it’s almost 2015. Time really does go fast. Crazy. Any who. moving on.

I’m decent at a wide range of things. However, fashion has never really been my thing. I couldn’t tell what the latest fashion item for the season is.Birkenstocks right? The first place I head to in any store is the clearance rack. I’m more about comfort (and price) then having the latest trend. All this leads me to today’s #blogtober14 post.

Day 16. Fall fashion

When I was thinking about today’s topic, I draw a literal blank. I have tons of clothes but 90% are athletic clothes (aka free shirts and shorts) 5% the basic needs and 5% work appropriate. After much struggle, I realized no outfit is complete with accessories.

I madly obsessed with jewelry. Whenever I get an email from Jane, Groopdealz, etc. I’m always checking to see what jewelry they have. I’m always on the hunt for new goodies. I have my favorite pieces that I wear all the time. I have the pieces I wear every so often. I have pieces that I haven’t worn. I recently thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a jewelry subscription that let’s you pick what you want to keep and return what you don’t?” Enter Rocksbox.

I head over to Rockbox to see what it was all about. For $19/month you are sent three designer pieces of jewelry to wear as much (or as little) as you want. Whenever you are ready, you can send back the pieces in the prepaid envelope as soon as you want. If you fall in love with any pieces you can keep them and get a member discount on the item. You only get charged $19 once a month, regardless of how many boxes you get sent.

I know I needed to try this out. I’m amazed that after 48 hours of signing up my first box was already on my door step. Let’s see what I got.

*Disclaimer: I forgot to take pictures so I got all of these off the rockbox website*

Urban Gem: Victoria Necklace ($51)


This is my favorite piece from the box. I’m really debating about keeping it. However, the price tag is making me reconsider.  I’ll see how I like it after a couple of weeks though.

8 Other Reasons: Rifel Earrings ($28)


These are just so-so for me. I might wear them once or twice then send them back. They are too heavy for my ears.

Gorjana: Cassia Bracelet in Tan and Rose Gold ($64)


This is the one item I knew right away that I was going to send back. It was way too tight on my wrist. It was so hard to get on and off as well.

What do you think of this services? If you want to check them out, click here for a free month.

– Jennifer

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