Mid Week Wows


Hello Loves!

Wednesdays are such a weird day. Most people don’t really like Wednesdays. It’s the forgotten about day of the week. It represents the week half over yet still half way to go. It’s like the Sour Patch Kids commercial. Sour one minute but sweet the next.  One awesome thing about Wednesdays is that it brings in a new series that I’ve started; Mid-Week Wows.

Mid-Week Wows is where I talk about my favorite whatevas that I’m liking so-far this week.


I’m a huge planner. My favorite time of the year is when new planners start arriving. I know you can do everything on your iPhone now but there is something about physically writing something down that brings joy to me. It also helps me remember things better. I recently brought the Kate Spade Planner in medium size. It has been amazing. There is room on each day to write down everything, ranging from soccer practice to blog posts to random ideas. It was way worth the money.

Kate Spade Medium Agenda - Gold Dots 


I’ve talked about Rockbox before. But here is a refresher in case you forgot. For $19/month you are sent three designer pieces of jewelry to wear as much (or as little) as you want. Whenever you are ready, you can send back the pieces in the prepaid envelope as soon as you want. If you fall in love with any piece you can keep them and get a member discount price on the item. You only get charged $19 once a month, regardless of how many boxes you get sent each month. I got my first box before my vacation. Over the course of two weeks, I feel in love with the necklace that I was sent. I ended up buying it and I couldn’t be happier. Check out Rockbox here.


Isn’t it so pretty? 

It’s a short list this week. I’m still trying to recover from my vacation. What are a few things you like thus far this week.

– Jennifer


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