Mid Week Wows


This week has been such a weird week. I’m counting down the hours until Friday.

 Yesterday, I got rear-ended. That has never happened before, so it was scary to go through. Now, my back is sore but the car is okay. Onto much happier things.  

Mid-Week Wows is where I talk about my favorite whatevas that I’m liking so-far this week.


Taylor Swift has had a killer week. Not only did she just released another album but she announced that she is going on tour this summer! I’ve been loving “1989” so much. T-swift has done it again. Her tour is making a stop close to me!

My favorite songs off the cd are Out of the Woods, Style, and Welcome to New York!


I’m a huge online shopper. There is something nice about not having to rough the crowds and wait in line that I really enjoy. I recently discovered Ebates. Ebates gives you back a percentage back on all qualifying purchases. Essentially, you are getting paid to shop.

That’s all folks.

What are some things you are enjoy this week?

– Jennifer

2 thoughts on “Mid Week Wows

  1. Oh my gosh, we got into a pretty bad car accident yesterday! It definitely wasn’t YOU that we hit, but what a coincidence. Glad you’re OK! Where did it happen at?

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