Cozy Box Swap 2014

cozy box swap

Hello Loves!

Hope everyone had a great turkey day.

If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I love a good swap. I love getting things in the mail. Or the fact that you get to know another blogger on a 1:1 level.

I participated in the Cozy Box Swap with Brandi. I had so much fun with this swap.

I got partnered with Kristen over at Pretty Little Pages.

Kristen and I have so much in common. From our love of YA books to our hate for chocolate. She is so much fun to talk. Go check her out.

*I forget to get a picture of what I got her. All the more reason to go check out her blog!*

Here is what was in my wonderful package!


Top Left: Everything unwrapped. There are some socks (which have come in handy lately), Penguin salt and pepper shakers, a toy penguin for Stella, and some notebooks.

Top Right: Stella’s Pet Penguin

Bottom Right: Everything all wrapped. It was too pretty that I didn’t want to open it up.

Bottom Left: My wonderful salt & pepper shakers.

Thank you Brandi for hosting the swap.

Thank you Kristen for the wonderful package!

– Jennifer


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