Intense 2 Blitz



Intense 2 ( A Collection of books from some of today’s bestselling authors) 

Release Date:

December 1st

**On sale for a limited time only & at a special low price**


Ebook Only and Exclusively at Amazon 


New Adult Romance

For a complete list of titles in this anthology please see book blurb*



One book from one bestselling author is exciting, but when you put ten all together what you get is something more. 
Something Intense.
Intense 2 is a collection of ten unique stories from eight authors who bring their A game every time they sit down with a blank page. Combined together you get a limited edition read jam-packed with passionate encounters, powerful alphas, and romance that will keep you warm at night. 
This is a must read for any romance reading, page turning book addict. Download it now before it’s gone!
This collection includes: 
Cambria Hebert – Text (novel)
Julie Richman – Bad Son Rising (novel)
Tijan – Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail (novel)
Ilsa Madden-Mills – Very Wicked Things (novel)
S. E.  Lund – Drake Restrained 1 (novella) / Drake Restrained 2 (novella) 
Liv Morris – Love Handles Club (novella)
J.l. Mac – Reach Me (novella)
Author Kailin Gow – The Blue Room (novella) / Heat (novella)

Purchase: Will be found here come release day

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