All I want for the holidays.. Five on Friday edition

A few days ago my mom and I were chatting about holiday presents for the family. Before we got off the phone, the dreaded question was asked. “What do you want for the holidays?” Even though I knew this question was coming, I still wasn’t prepared for it. I told my mom I loved her and would get back to her with my list.  It’s been about a week since she originally asked and I still haven’t sent her my list. I figured I can’t wait any longer so I finally sent it to her. For today’s edition of Five on Friday, here are five gifts I would love to get this holiday season.



bareMinerals Ready Foundation:

I brought this foundation a couple of months ago on a whim. It’s a powder foundation, which is something I didn’t think I would like. After using it every day, I’m in love. I never want to go back to liquid foundation. I’m the glad the holidays are here because I’m almost out. 

bareMinerals - READY® Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20



Kindle Fire HD7:

This is a far-fetched wish. I have the original Kindle Fire and it’s on the downward swirl. The battery life is horrible. It dies about half way through the day. And it keeps getting hotter and hotter whenever I use it. Since I tend to use my kindle for more of an e-reader (books and magazines though) I don’t really need the newest version. This one is just fine.

Fire HD 7: quick tour



Cute Tops for work:

I tend to dress more on the professional side for work. New tops are always something that are on my lists. Something similar to below would be great.


Roll-sleeve tee with bow



Rose Gold Watch:

My watch broke recently. I’m so sad. That means I’m on the hunt for a new one. I’m leaning towards rose gold because it matches my jewelry better.




Skin Rescue Blemish Patrol Pads from First Aid Beauty:

I brought this a while ago from Sephora and they are heavenly. They make my skin feel better.  


First Aid Beauty - Skin Rescue Blemish Patrol Pads


I really hate making list but when my mom asked for one, I listened. I’ll be happy and grateful with anything.

What are a few things you are hoping for this holiday season?

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