Color Swap 2014


Swaps have become one of my favorite things to participate in. It allows me the chance to get to know another blogger on a more personal level. This holiday season I’ve participated in a few. Here is the latest one.

The Color Swap with Melissa over at Two Miracles

The goal: To get at least 5 items in your partner’s favorite color!

I got partnered with Stephanie! Since I have about four favorite colors, we decieded that purple was going to be the one.

Here are the wonderful gifts Stephanie sent me!


This was the penguin she drew on my card! I loved it!


Top Left: Everything all wrapped up

Top Right: Everything unwrapped.

Bottom Right: Some close ups

Bottom Left: The coolest snow globe ever! It’s still on my desk now!

Thank you so much Melissa for hosting and Stephanie for everything!

– Jennifer

3 thoughts on “Color Swap 2014

  1. Yay!! I’m so glad you loved everything! That snow globe is seriously the coolest. I found it and immediately knew I had to put it in the box, even if it wasn’t really purple. Purple and penguins are remarkably hard to find.

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