Book Review || The In-Between

Tara Jenkins and Justin Westcroft used to be childhood BFFs. Now in high school, Justin’s a popular, all-star athlete, and Tara spends her days admiring him from afar. But when Tara saves Justin from nearly drowning in a freak accident, he’s unable to get her out of his mind. In no time at all, Tara and Justin fall deeply in love. And even though it’s only high school, they seem destined for a Happily Ever After.

Until tragedy strikes—and this time, Justin’s not so lucky. Tara passes through her days as a shell of her former self: Justin’s dead, but she can still feel his presence, and she can’t seem to let him go.

But there’s a reason for that, and it’s not just grief: Justin is In Between, and he’s still holding on.

They say that when someone saves you, you’re tied to them for life. But what about in the afterlife?


My thoughts:

This book was so rough to get through. The summary made the story sound so promising but I was rather disappointed. We knew going in that Justin was going to die but I had no idea when. It made it harder to focus on the beginning chapters of the book because I was just waiting for him to die. And once he did, I was over the book. I toughed my way through the book. However, I did like the characters of Tara and Justin. They were teenagers and talked like teenagers. Most of the time, teenagers in stories talk like they are in their 30s. I felt for Tara and losing her love. Sometimes it’s hard to be the person left behind.

This was my first adventure in paranormal romance type of books. Maybe if I try some more books out of this genre, I’ll give this one another go.



Title: The In-Between
Author: Olivia Pierce
Format: Ebook (Free copy in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley)
Pages: NA
Release Date: November 26th 2014
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

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