30 before 30 Part I

Since all post need a picture. This is what you get! Who I enjoyed the Seahawks game with!

Sorry if it seems like I haven’t been around much lately. My husband and I are dealing with a lot of personal family stuff. I hate neglecting everyone but no worries I’m back. I realized the other day that my 30th birthday is only 2.5ish years away. There is so much I want to do before then. That is how my 30 before 30 list came about. Pull up a seat, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride through my 30 things to before I turn 30. Since 30 is a lot and I want to explain a little bit about each, I’m splitting it up into a few parts.

1.) Go on a cruise:

We have so many friends that have worked on cruise ships and love it. They have been trying since college to get us to go on a cruise. There are plans to go this May so keep your fingers crossed.

2.) See a concert in Vegas:

When I say concert, I mean the likes of Carrie Underwood, JT, Britney Spears. Ever since I turned 21, it’s been on my bucket list to see a concert in Vegas. Plus you get a vacation with the deal. Win-win

3.) Attend a championship game for either the Seahawks or the Sounders:

It’s no secret around here that I’m in love with Seattle sports. In the last couple of years both teams have been doing decent (RE-PETE) that I’m confident they will be in championship games for the next few years.

4.) Start a family:

It’s no secret that I’ve suffered a couple of miscarriages but I fully believe that we will start a family.

5.) Visit all 50 states:

So far I’ve visited 10 states. Only 40 more to go! Need to start planning some more vacations.

6.) Attend at least 5 plays a year:

My mother-in-law was so sweet to get us passes to the local theater for Hanukah. So far we have seen “And then there were none” and “Little Women”. Fun fact, my old high school English teacher is one of the actors there.

7.) Make an entire Thanksgiving meal on my own:

Thanksgiving is our holiday. Right now, it’s more a potluck style of dinner. In the next couple of years, I want to do more and more of the cooking myself.

8.) Add another bathroom:

Downstairs, there is a perfect place to add a bathroom so that we aren’t running up and down the stairs. We have talked about making it a bathroom now we just need to do it.

9.) Attend some sort of convention or conference outside of work:

I’m always wanting to learn new things. Whenever I go to some type of convention, I always learn something. I’ve heard there are some good blogging ones. Any information would be good!

10.) run a 5k:

Running has not been on my top 10 list of favorite things to do. Yet for some reason, I want to run a 5k to prove to myself that I can do. Who knows, maybe I will end up liking to run.

That’s all for now.

– Jennifer


9 thoughts on “30 before 30 Part I

  1. For cruising, I recommend sticking with Princess or Celebrity…they have the best food and high quality service. The others are still fun, but slipping. Enjoy!

      1. Well best of luck 🙂 Alaska is a great first cruise trip…cheaper too since you dont have to fly as far from the PNW!

  2. This is such an awesome list! I totally wish I would have done something like this before I turned 30. Run a 5K has been on my bucket list FOREVER. I really should try to knock that one out this year. Sorry you’ve been dealing with family problems, I hope everything is ok!

  3. For sure go on the cruise! The food is delicious, there is tons of entertainment, and the sights you can see are awesome! I think it is one of the best ways to travel.,
    I think the food makes the cost worth it!!

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