Mug O’ Comfort


Yahoo! Another Swap from the wonderful ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This swap couldn’t come at a more perfect time. The weather is getting colder so I’m in need of a good mug. Here are the details, in case you want to sign up, which you really should.

Your Swap Objective:

Get to know your fantastic partner and send them an awesome package that has a mug and other mug-related goodies.  Goodies can include things like treats, cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.

Dates to Remember: 

  • Sign-Ups Start: Monday, February 9th.

  • Sign-Ups End: Monday, February 16th.

  • Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, February 17th.

  • Partners Assigned: Wednesday, February 18th.

  • Packages Ship: by or on Saturday, March 7th.

  • Show-Off Link Opens: Wednesday, March 11th.

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