30 by 30 Part III

How I spent my sick days.

My cold has finally gone away. That bugger was here for two weeks. It doesn’t help that I’m coaching soccer four days a week and playing one day. Needless to say, my body was having a tough time recovering. Oh well. I’m me again!

Awhile ago I started my 30 before 30 lists. 30 things I wanted to do before I turn 30. It’s time to conclude that list.

For a refresher here is Part I and Part II

21.) Attend a blogger meetup

Blogging allows me to learn about the lives of people all around the world. In March, a few of us are getting together for the PNW Bloggers. I’m excited to meet people that are local and share the same passion.

22.) Hit 500 followers

I’ve been blogging for about two years now and I want to get to 500 followers. I want my messages and recommendations to reach across the world.

23.) Purge the entire of my closet

I’m the first to admit when it comes to clothes, etc I am a hoarder. Over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered that I only wear about a third of my closet. I really want to get my closet down to just one dresser full of clothes.

24.) Learn better photography skills

Thanks to the wonders of the smart phone, everything thinks they are a photographer. I know I’m not a photographer at all. I really want to get better skills for when my kids eventually come, I can do my own pictures without shelling out hundreds of dollars.

25.) Get my master’s degree in something

I would love to get my master’s in something. Whether it be in teaching, business administration, or library studies. I want to go back to school to learn.

26.) Read one book based in every state

One of my friend’s posted the other day, how she was wanting to read a book based in all 50 states. I thought it was a great idea! 

27.) Learn another language

My in-laws can all speak French. I’ve always had this desire to learn another language. Maybe my brother-in-law can put his French degree to use and teach me.

28.) Have one date night a month for a year

You should never stop dating your spouse. I want to make one night a month, where we get dressed up fancy and go on a date.

29.) See a ballet

I’ve seen musicals and plays but never a ballet.

30.) See a Broadway show in New York

It should be on everyone’s list to see a Broadway play on Broadway.

And there you have it. My 30 before 30 list.

What are some things on your bucket list.

– Jennifer


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