Questions to Ask Yourself Part III

Stella wanted to come say hi!

Howdy Ya’ll!

Life has been crazy busy. If you following me on twitter you will see that I’m in the process of job hunting. My current work contract ends very shortly so I’ve been extremely busy. I figured it was time to re-introduce myself to all you wonderful people again.

For a refresher check out Part I and Part II of Questions to ask yourself series

21} Do you drink to much?

This is a touchy question. I don’t drink that often. When I do drink, sometimes I feel like I might drink a little too much.

22} What do you have to protect yourself from?

Right now I am trying to protect myself from having a mental breakdown. My soccer schedule has changed with means that I need to start a new routine. Plus personal stuff is going on that isn’t helping my overall heath. Add the fact that my work contract is almost up and I just might have a mental breakdown. Hence why I am trying to not have a mental breakdown.

23} What couple with whom you are friends would you want to have sex with?

Is this even a question? Moving on.

24} What are you embarrassed about?

One of my biggest fears are elevators. I dislike them very much. It’s a little embarrassing to admit it. I can’t go into an elevator if there are more than 4 people inside. I will wait for the next one or just get off on the next floor.

25} What can you do better than everybody else?

I have never thought about this question. I guess I would say talk sports better than most of my girlfriends. Especially the sounders.

26} When is the last time you did something good for others?

The other day a good friend came to me with her family drama. Since she is super far away and I couldn’t go and get her, I helped her out. It allowed her to get out of a tough situation.

27} And when did you do good without expecting something in return?

The other day my friend and I were waiting in line at Starbucks when we were told that someone had gotten our drinks for us.

28} Do you want to have kids? If so, how many?

It’s secret around here that I suffered a couple of miscarriages. Yes, I want kids but not at this moment. My two soccer teams are like my children so it’s a good trade off. Besides I think Stella might get jealous.

29} Are you scared of getting grey hair?

If my soccer girls haven’t given it to me yet, I don’t think I will ever get grey hair. I’m not scared.

30} Which animal do you resemble?

I have never thought about this. I’m going to say penguin because they are the coolest animals around. Plus I would always be dressed up to go out.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!


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